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Tips That Will Help you to Plan a Destination Wedding Within a Budget Wedding Budget

Tips That Will Help you to Plan a Destination Wedding Within a Budget

January 21, 2019

One of the most essential factors that people are most concerned about while planning a wedding is the budget of the concerned event. This concern magnifies when the couple wishes to host a destination wedding, which automatically hikes the budget to an all new high.
Destination weddings are generally larger than life events and have certainly gained popularity, attaining top spot in the wishlist of almost all to-be married couples today. Every couple has a dream location, which they wish to visit together at some point in their life. The concept of a honeymoon is now being taken over by the modern practice of destination weddings, as couples now prefer to visit their dream location and in fact, get married there in the presence of friends and family. Hence a destination wedding is basically an amalgamation of a family vacation and a honeymoon.
Consequently, the cost of organizing this event also amplifies by a considerable margin as travel and lodging expenses are also added within the existing budget. However, to plan a destination wedding within a particular budget, specific steps must be followed, and the same have been highlighted below for your convenience:-
1. Know your Finances:
Finalizing a budget is the primary item on the checklist, that the people responsible for planning the wedding must identify. After consultation with the couple about the location of travel, the budget must be adjusted as per the duration of the journey. Chalk out the necessities of the journey first and then move onto the additional expenditures that need to be incurred.
2. Guest List:
A marriage is a private event and should be treated accordingly. Financing the traveling and lodging expenses of a big wedding can hurt your pocket in a significant manner. Therefore, a destination wedding should be considered a private event where only selected friends, colleagues and family members are to be invited. If you have a larger budget, then make an attempt to invest more in the wedding with an effort to make it more spectacular and memorable. There is no need to invite people who hold little significance in your life. Besides a grand reception for the people who could not make it to the destination wedding guest list can be organized when you return back home.
3. Digital Invites:  
It is a widespread practice among Indians to formulate and create a resplendent invitation card. The expense incurred on invites is just an additional overhead which can be entirely cut out from the wedding budget. Spending unnecessary finances on invites is an old-school practice. Take the help of digital media and compose a beautiful and elegant wedding invitation card and have it mailed to your friends and family members. The concept of e-invites is not only pocket friendly, but also saves a lot of valuable time that is wasted on personally visiting different relatives and acquaintances to give the card.
4. Renting of Wedding Outfits:  
Now let’s be very honest. You barely get the opportunity to wear and flaunt your wedding dress at formal events. People tend to get in shape for their wedding, and as soon as the D-Day is done with, they get back to their normal routine and get out of shape quickly – True fact. Disheartening, but true. Most of us can’t even fit into our wedding outfits post marriage. Hence, renting premium quality wedding outfits would be a smart decision to make. Look your best at an affordable rate, without having to spend a substantial amount of money for a one-time thing. It is a common practice, out in the west and is certainly gaining popularity in India as well, and should be incorporated if you have a limited wedding budget.

5. Be Open to Bargaining and Make Smart Decisions: 
Planning a destination wedding on a budget can be extremely challenging. However, it has a sense of adventure attached to it. Make quick and efficient decisions and be smart enough to bargain. Have a quick in and quick out approach and waste little time. Keep the traditional formalities for the reception that will happen back at home. Have a flexible plan and execute it effectively.

6. Off Season Event and Plan Early:  
Finalize your dates beforehand so that flight tickets can be booked early at a much cheaper rate. And most of all, try to ensure that the wedding is planned during the offseason. The prices of hotels and airfares can reach the roof during peak wedding season. Hence make adjustments and act on it immediately to minimize costs.
Planning a destination wedding is perhaps the most exciting and extravagant event, not only for the couple involved, but for close friends and family as well. Start planning now, execute your decisions wisely, and make some unforgettable memories at your destination wedding.