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The Couple



Amaira is a happy go lucky kinda girl with an ever smiling face born and brought in Delhi. It was an arrange Set up Meet and Greet for them where she happened to meet Nripjyot and was instantly attracted to his serious kinda look. They spend some time together where she discovered his sweet and generous heart. It was a definite YES from Amaira’s side too. This opened gates for some long awaited Meets and Love Dates. Perhaps distance and difference of culture had never been a factor for them, because what they had was a telepathy connection.
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Nripjyot is a serious kind of a person born and brought up in NY. He was always fascinated with sweet bubbly kinda girl and aspired to get married to one just with the same qualities which he found in Amaira. It was an arrange Set up Meet and Greet where they got chance to know each other. Back in their minds they knew that they have started connecting pretty well. What next ? As we all know opposites attract each other, same happened with our couple. It was a YES from both the sides. Then started a whole new era for our new Love Birds of endless conversations via phones and video calls lasting for hours and hours.
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Wedding Party

  • My dad have always been a strong pillar for me. He is a person I always look upto and can always confine my secrets with. He is one stop solution for all my problems.
  • She is a friend who is always there for me without complaining or without expecting anything from me. Her love and affection always come unconditionally.
  • Anwesha is not only my sister but my lifelong best friend. Nothing would be more thrilling than having her as my Maid of Honour.
  • She has been my best friend since we were 3 years old. We have been together from Playgroup till Post Grad.
  • A sister from another mother. She is one person who can make me laugh at any point of time no matter how angry or upset I am. Her bubbly and funny nature is definitely contagious.
  • My father is more of a friend to me. A chilled out fun loving man.
  • She is a very friendly person and loves to enjoy life to its fullest.
  • Ikbir is my bro with whom I have spent some wonderful memories. It would be wonderful having him by my side while I enter a new phase of life.
  • We have been working together in the same since 10 years. He is one real hard working person I have ever met.
  • He is a complete woman’s guy. Always up for any fun.


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  • imgJan 20, 2019
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The Roosevelt Hotel

Grand Ballroom

Madison Avenue New York, USA


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  • imgFeb 01, 2019
  • img11:00 AM

Highbury Hall

4 Yew Tree Rd

Birmingham, UK

Sangeet / Cocktail

  • imgFeb 02, 2019
  • img07:00 PM

The Jam House

3-5 ST Paul Square

Birmingham, UK

Wedding / Reception

  • imgFeb 03, 2019
  • img07:30 PM

The Florentine

2101 2nd Avenue North

Birmingham, UK


Guest Book

  • Jan 30, 2018

    We're very excited to celebrate with everyone! Leave us a message here if you want to start the fun a bit early :) We're very excited to celebrate with everyone! Leave us a message here if you want to start the fun a bit early :) We're very excited to celebrate with everyone! Leave us a message here if you want to start the fun a bit early :)




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Where To Stay

Get ready to unwind as we have done your reservations in one of the famous hotels of Birmingham.
HYATT REGENCY - 2 Bridge Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 2JZ
+44 121 643 1234

Hotel Glimpse

Dining Outlets

If you like a bit of everything when dining, a selection of Venetian and Italian tapas at Fumo could be exactly what you're looking for. Stylish and sophisticated, with indulgent surroundings, Fumo adds a touch of trendy to restaurant bars in Birmingham and their friendly atmosphere and hand crafted cocktails make this a dining experience you won't forget. 

2. BISTRO 1847
Bistro 1847 is happily known as one of Birmingham's best vegetarian restaurants, and it's not hard to see why. The simply designed space creates tasty meals, all without meat, from red chicory salad to battered halloumi.

Chaophraya is at the forefront of delivering delicious Thai food in Birmingham. Spread across two floors, feast on their wonderful a la carte menu, which offers traditional Thai flavours with a Chaophraya twist. Their cocktail menu, too, has utilises Thai culture to create some truly unique mixes.

A new comer on the best Birmingham restaurant scene but a goodie nonetheless, Restaurant Folium is an innovative British restaurant. The menu changes regularly as the space focuses on seasonal and fresh ingredients.


Expect 6°C daytime maximum temperatures in the shade with on average 2 hours of sunshine per day in Birmingham in January.

Things To Do

Things To Do


This contemporary museum has ten galleries that will immerse you in science. Thinktank’s Planetarium is an interactive exploration of space which provides an entertaining and adventurous day out for your family.


It is set within seven acres of captivating gardens and offers an excellent example of the British Edwardian era. The stunning gardens are home to some of the most beautiful flowers in the country. If you have children, this is a great place to enjoy a family day out.


Birmingham has a number of canals adding up to around 100 miles in length. Second City Boats offers a canal cruise both educational and leisure trip throughout the city with different packages to suit all budgets.


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