Wedding Party

  • My dad have always been a strong pillar for me. He is a person I always look upto and can always confine my secrets with. He is one stop solution for all my problems.
  • She is a friend who is always there for me without complaining or without expecting anything from me. Her love and affection always come unconditionally.
  • Anwesha is not only my sister but my lifelong best friend. Nothing would be more thrilling than having her as my Maid of Honour.
  • She has been my best friend since we were 3 years old. We have been together from Playgroup till Post Grad.
  • A sister from another mother. She is one person who can make me laugh at any point of time no matter how angry or upset I am. Her bubbly and funny nature is definitely contagious.
  • My father is more of a friend to me. A chilled out fun loving man.
  • She is a very friendly person and loves to enjoy life to its fullest.
  • Ikbir is my bro with whom I have spent some wonderful memories. It would be wonderful having him by my side while I enter a new phase of life.
  • We have been working together in the same since 10 years. He is one real hard working person I have ever met.
  • He is a complete woman’s guy. Always up for any fun.


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