Why Choose Snapivite

Why Choose Snapivite

We aren’t joking when we say that Snapivite is your one-stop wedding management hub. From catering to your every wedding requirement to ensuring your guests enjoy the most pleasant experience, Snapivite manages all tasks efficiently so that you can enjoy every little moment of your big day. There are plenty of factors that distinctively separates Snapivite from other wedding planning platforms in the market; some of its innovative offerings include:-

Traditional and Western Themes
At Snapivite, our aim is to transform your dream wedding into reality. To accomplish the same, Snapivite allows you to choose from a myriad of both, traditional and western themes, to turn your vision into reality.

Custom-Made Stationery
With Snapivite, you get tailored printed stationery such as thank you notes, luggage tags, welcome cards, gift boxes, etc., that complement the theme of your wedding.

To-Do List
Every step of your wedding is meticulously organized and formatted on a precise wedding checklist, with set reminders for every milestone so that let go of any worries about last-minute goof-ups.

Personalized Guest Assistance
And it’s not just you, Snapivite also ensures that your guests have a memorable time at the wedding. With the app, you can collate all their essential travel documents beforehand to facilitate smooth and error-free pickup and drops, and quick hotel check-ins.

Vendor Management
Liaising with multiple vendors can turn out to be a complicated and strenuous task. With Snapivite, you can store all vendor and supplier details onto one platform, keep track of their invoices, and constantly be in touch for regular updates.